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Chess App Pro

Download game Chess App Pro v1.4 Apk latest update is here

Chess App Pro is an interactive 3D board game with a powerful engine, which is designed to suite, beginners as well as chess masters. Everyone can work out in this game to the top level and improve their chess skill by challenging the Artificial Intelligence in the mode where Human vs Computer.


  • Simple Navigation.
  • Different Play Modes. Play and learn a game with your friends and family in a multiplayer mode (Home Networking) or play a fun game with the computer. 2 player mode allows to play a game of chess in the same house using Wi-Fi router.
  • Stunning 3D graphics. Choose skins and background for your game
  • 20 Different Levels to achieve. Improve your level by playing against the AI
  • Hints. Use suggested moves.
  • Preferable Settings. (Brightness, music, game level, sound, timer etc.)
  • Undo function.
  • Statistics. Post the score or simply reset it and start all over.
  • Analysis of the game is done by the strong Stockfish Chess Engine ( Learn and play the game of chess with one of the best engines on the market.
  • Camera views. 5 different views of the chess board help better to visualize the chess game.
  • Demo play. Two directions classic chess game, where the computer plays computer is a learning chess app, which allows learning from the computer moves. It shows how to play a chess game at different levels.
  • There are absolutely no ads in this version of chess board game, so download this game and learn how to play chess.
  • PC chess game. Download a PC version of this chess game and play chess game with your friends and family on different devices.

Chess App Pro Online Screenshots:

Chess App Pro Chess App Pro Chess App Pro
What’s new in this version:
(update January 13, 2017)

Requires Android OS 4.0 and up

More info and screenshot from Google Play

Download link Chess App Pro v1.4 Apk:

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