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Antidote : Battle of the stem cell is a casual free to play game played under the microscope. Take control of the body’s defenses and protect the precious stem cell from hordes of bacteria and viruses! Can you beat all the levels and find the mysterious dark force behind the infections?

Antidote is inspired by science, which means it’s full of fresh new ideas. It combines a beautiful and unique art style, hand crafted levels, delightfully interesting characters (both friend and foe!). If you’re interested in science or looking for a great game to pass the time with, give Antidote a try.

Key features:

  • Easy to get started, but hard to beat!
  • Adorable characters. Even the bacteria.
  • Download and play for free, with fair IAPs, and no adverts.
  • Familiar tower defense game, but with science
  • Fun for ages 10 to 99 – and below 10 if you play with them!
  • Beautiful, challenging levels
  • Unlock powerful defenses based on real science

What’s all this about science?
You’ve probably played games before that have inspired you and left you with a new passion, and even some real knowledge. Building space rockets, exploring history, being bread… they’re all great. That’s what we aim to provide with Antidote. You don’t need to know anything about science to play and beat the game, but we guarantee that afterwards, you’ll know more about it, and probably proclaim how cute Cholera is a little too often.

Fair IAPs? No adverts? Free download?
Right now, Antidote is free with a single in app purchase that lets you play as much as you want, whenever you want. No catch. In the future we’re going to introduce a few “power players” upgrades that let you customize the game (a bit like mods), again that will be a one time payment. And then, we have a scheme to help spread science to the whole world (top secret!) but also, totally fair. And yeah, we don’t like adverts ruining our games, so if you want to see adverts, you’ll have to go elsewhere… Sorry!

Early access, beta?
Antidote is in beta/early access right now – which means that it might change a lot before we finish. If you want a polished product, don’t worry – just follow us on social media and we’ll let you know when it’s done. If you’re interested in playing what is already a very full, deep experience, and affecting the development, what are you waiting for! Download, play, and let us know what you think!

Antidote Screenshots:

Antidote Antidote Antidote
What’s new in this version:
(update February 11, 2017)

  1. Enemies path is visualized
  2. Revised tutorials
  3. Visual changes to the menus
  4. Improvements to the levels
  5. Better graphics

Requires Android OS 2.3 and up

More info and screenshot from Google Play

Download link Antidote v3.16.2147 Apk:

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