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Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Download app Fake GPS Location Spoofer v4.7 Full Apk latest version is here

Fake Gps location so you can post on any app, website or service that uses your phone’s locations. The app will overwrite your current location elegantly and the third party apps will think you are in Paris under the Eifel Tower or in New York on Times Square!

You must share your location with your friends, but the phone is almost dead, can’t locate you or the GPS accuracy is bad? Or you need to geotag those old pictures ? No problem, use our app!

Make sure to DISABLE: “HIGH ACCURACY” under LOCATION SETTINGS and leave “GPS only” (“Device only” on some phones/tablets) enabled for best results!

More features of the pro app:

  • History
  • Favorites
  • Settings – change update interval, speed, altitude, accuracy, hide the icon from status bar
  • Move around a location in a radius
  • Better user interface
  • Better spoofing
  • Root support for mock location disabled

How to use:

  • Double tap on the map, choose your faked location and press play and the app will insert the Fake GPS location into your android phone.

FAQ for integration with the app Tasker (Example is lat 18.89768D long: -55.0365D) :
Create a new task and add Action -> Misc -> Send Intent
2. Edit:
– Action: com.incorporateapps.fakegps.ENGAGE (to Stop add a new task and use com.incorporateapps.fakegps.STOP)
– enter 1st extra: lat:18.89768D
– enter 2nd extra: lng:-55.0365D
the “D” at the end is important so add it!
– Target: Service

Or per ADB shell:
adb shell am startservice -a com.incorporateapps.fakegps.ENGAGE –ef lat 18.897 –ef lng -55.0365

– Internet – to display the map view
– Access Coarse and Fine Location – to fake your current location
– Allow mock locations under Developer settings (Applications).

Fake GPS Location Screenshots:

Fake GPS Location Full Apk Fake GPS Location Apk free Download Download Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apk latest

What’s new in this version:

  1. Developer settings in menu
  2. Adb shell support
  3. Android M 6.0 Marshmallow support
  4. German translation (deutsche Übersetzung)
  5. Stop button on status bar
  6. Speed settings
  7. Hide icon as requested
  8. Tasker integration, read the description
  9. New setting – update interval user adjustable for better hacking on certain apps…
  10. No mock locations required if used on root and used as system/app

Required Android OS 2.2 and up + Google Play Mod

More info and screenshot from Google Play

Download link Fake GPS Location Spoofer v4.7 APK:
Zippyshare | Mirror link

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    mondayblues1 year ago

    i have purchased the pro version but still cannot work on pokemon and i cannot check the Expert mode.
    i am using android,pls advise


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